Forest God

How Forest God is Making the World a Better Place

God for now setup save God the forest God the forest let’s just say God right now God creates the planet Earth and first of all he creates which a lot of people and different organizations want a perfect social economic world.


Where everything is free don’t worry about a thing you’re taking care of There’s no extra imagination necessary cuz all gonna be given to you so he creates the oyster eases oyster.


  • I’m giving you a free house to live in I’m calling it a shell I’m gonna put at the bottom of the ocean to protect you from your enemies you have food clothing


  • all the foods you want protection everything you want the perfectly taken care of while you’re in your measly little life as an oyster but you’re not gonna go anywhere you stay there at the bottom the ocean but you’re totally got your



Free food free clothing for everyone then God created something called the

Eagle whole different species eagle you want

A house you go out and build it take the top of a mountain take the top of a tree go out and build your own house you want some food to eat no problem go out there and find it eagle and the eagle flies through miles in the wintertime of rain sleet snow and whim just

  • To feed its young did you know the Eagle fails  of the time a total failure it’s so big and cumbersome
  • that when it comes upon its prey they’re wild they should offer a different direction and it misses  of the time it succeeds and what does succeed to do it succeeded to being the strongest bird in the sky the only one that we know of anywhere in the world that could fly into the thermals of
  • A hurricane and write them to have fun now the Eagle unlike the oyster can go any where it
  • wants anywhere it wants ya Gamble’s it does this on its own but it goes wherever it wants now

That Eagle and not the oyster is the emblem of America and also on the flag of many many countries you wouldn’t be in this room right now if you weren’t Eagles don’t only imagine you start doing your

Emotions to control you we are emotional but we you want to begin to discipline your emotion.

n if you don’t discipline and contain your emotions they will use you your mind goes on automatic just like a guard you know I loved reading the book call as a man thinketh by James Allen he uses the analogy of