How to grow mushrooms at lowest costing

As many people have ordinary home gardens, Buy golden teacher mushrooms it can also be interesting to have a mycological garden at home. This is a garden that consists of mushrooms and is different from the usual. This is something that is becoming fashionable, and many people still do not know how to grow mushrooms.

To grow edible mushrooms at home, you first need to prepare a few basic things for it: the mushroom itself or its spores and the appropriate substrate. Edible fungal seeds also include inedible seeds, which are seeds .

  • That can reproduce, such as spores, mycelium and mycorrhiza, depending on the species and other factors. Suitable substrates for this type of cultivation vary from soil to compacted straw, and you should put them in boxes or bags or even in fragments of tree trunks.
  • In addition, if you want to choose organic mushroom growing, you can use planting kits and organic substrates, which can be found in specialty stores.
  • After choosing the seeds, mycelium or spores of the species you want to plant, you just need to decide which substrate and substrate you want and find a suitable place in your home to see the location conditions.
  • Mushroom growing kits are also called mushroom growing kits or micro-costumes, and as the name implies, they are a kind of container that contains everything you need to keep these mushrooms at home and easy to eat.

    Also, if you are a beginner, you can get a basic starter kit that makes it easier to prepare a small garden. These simple sets are even convenient for children and are a fun and fun family activity.

    Another reason for growing this type of food at home is the use of logs for the production of mushrooms or mushrooms. In this case, you just need to get the kind of mushrooms you need, because they are ready for sale and properly found at home . Typically, the production of logs is higher, so if you want to consume, give away or sell a certain amount of products, it’s worth it, but if it’s just for your own consumption, from time to time choose other options.

    How to grow mushrooms on coffee grounds

    Although it looks a bit more complicated, learning to grow mushrooms on coffee grounds is quite simple. We will need the following materials:

    • Edible spores of mushrooms from your garden.
    • Coffee beans from the remnants of the coffee maker.
    • Reusable plastic containers, preferably dark. You can provide a bottle of water or something similar.
    • Another container for preparing the mixture.
    • A large bag that fits the container.
    • Corrugated cardboard.
    • Ethanol (70% or more).
    • Absorbent fabric or paper.

    Once we have received the materials, it is done as follows:

    1. Disinfect hands and tools with ethanol. Ensuring sanitation is crucial because there is competition for spores of the fungi you want to grow, such as bacteria that multiply in your garden and prevent the fungus from growing.
    2. Cut off the top of the container, make 6 holes near the bottom for good drainage and disinfect the inside of the container.
    3. Cut the corrugated cardboard into small pieces and lower into the water.
    4. Leave the cardboard and coffee in separate containers for mixing.
    5. Start filling the container with different layers of cardboard, coffee and selected mushroom spores until they are filled or exhausted.
    6. Replace the top of the container as a lid, but do not put the cap on a glass bottle or bottle, and then insert the container into a plastic bag. It is better not to cover it, because it must retain moisture, but still needs some air circulation.
    7. After 2-4 weeks, depending on the species, you can move your mushroom garden and place it in an area with plenty of light, air and humidity, but not in direct sunlight. The reason is that after this period of time the mushrooms already have a certain size, and then they begin to grow in search of light.
    8. You just need to constantly monitor the environment and wait until the edible mushrooms are fully grown before you can collect them.

    Necessary care

    The growth of edible mushrooms must meet a number of environmental conditions, so if you want to achieve good results, you need to understand these basic precautions. Conditions necessary for the growth of fungi at home are usually as follows:

    • Compacted trunks of straw trees, boxes or alpacas used as mushroom gardens, located in a cool place without direct sunlight.
    • Avoid extreme temperatures and keep the oven at the optimum temperature between 15ºC and 20ºC.
    • High humidity must be maintained in the environment. It is better to place the mushroom garden in a humid place, but if you have a dry place, you need to spray water often to keep the environment moist. It is recommended, especially at the beginning of the harvest, to water twice a day.

    However, some species require more specific care, so when obtaining mushroom seeds or mycelium should always fully understand the conditions they require. For example, you can ask a store specialist and follow the instructions on the packaging of the planting kit you purchased.