movies to watch on shroom

Movies To watch On Shroom- Top 10 videos list

Movies To watch On Shroom If you’re a rock fan, you know that there are a number of films you can enjoy while you’re on the herb. While the Beatles only appear in the movie’s closing scene, the rest of the film is an animated masterpiece featuring other actors voicing the band’s characters.

This makes for a particularly thrilling movie to watch on shrooms, especially when accompanied by the rock band’s greatest hits.

The Tale of the Princess Kaguya is a Japanese animated film about a young girl found inside a bamboo stalk, and who grows to become a beautiful young woman. To attract suitors, Kaguya asks them to perform impossible tasks to impress her.

Produced by Japanese Ghibli Studios, this film is similar to Spirited Away, but with a deeper spiritual theme. It explores man’s relationship with nature.

movies to watch on shroom


Another film to enjoy while on shrooms is Alice in Wonderland. Lewis Carroll’s classic story is a perfect homage to the psychedelic experience. Alice falls down a rabbit hole, meets jesting creatures, and eats odd things.

Watching this classic psychedelic film is guaranteed to help you relive your trip the next time you’re feeling depressed or anxious. This movie is an absolute must-see for any movie lover on a shroom high.

Another great film to watch while on a shroom high is The Matrix. This is a renowned animated Marvel movie, based on a multiverse. Pi has many different personalities, including a rag doll and an old hag.

The film’s cinematography is impressive and its visual effects are breathtaking. It also features some of the best quotes in the film. If you want to feel like a rock star while on shrooms, this movie is worth a look.

A plethora of psychedelic films are available for anyone looking for a way to enjoy the experience while taking a shroom. If you’re looking for a film with a deeper meaning, consider the following choices:

The classic 2001 Space Odyssey is one of the most popular shroom movies. This film has been called one of the most influential films in history, and has an excellent story and memorable visual effects. It also stars the venerable John, Paul, and George.

Its soundtrack is also unique and unforgettable. If you’re in the mood for some classic sci-fi, 2001 Space Odyssey might be a good choice. And it’s a classic for any movie lover.

Disney’s Fantasia is another classic. Though originally intended as a promotional film for Mickey Mouse, the movie evolved into a classical masterpiece that has become a classic of classical animation. While it doesn’t have the same storyline as the other classics, this is one of the best movies to watch on shrooms.

The film features fantastic animation and music, as well as an enticing soundtrack. It also elicits empathy for humanity and the human race.

Another classic horror movie is Beetlejuice. This one begins with a spooky scene. Adam and Barbara are transformed into old hags, and they flee to the castle in the hills. In the meantime, they become an attraction for a money-making family.

The movie stars Michael Keaton as the dead couple. But beware: Beetlejuice has ulterior motives. You don’t want to get spooked while watching this movie.