INNO DAY 2021 – OPPO presents the technologies of the future

INNO DAY is a cyclical event organized by OPPO, during which the brand shows its latest technological achievements. This year they were, among others OPPO Air Glass smart glasses , NPU processor or foldable, compact OPPO Find N , which will soon be available to consumers.

However, during the event, the brand also presented a number of new concepts and prototypes that it intends to develop in the future. Below we present what else OPPO showed during INNO DAY 2021.


A new “dimension” of photography

The larger sensor provides better image quality, but requires the correct lens size, which is becoming more and more difficult at the moment. Thanks to the retractable mechanism, the OPPO (ORIG. OPPO Retractable Camera) retractable camera provides a focal length of 52 mm (double optical zoom). This solution allows the use of a large 1 / 1.56 inch SONY IMX766 sensor. In this configuration, you can count on optical image stabilization (OIS) and auto-focus (AF). When hidden, the camera does not protrude above the phone casing. In addition, to protect the mechanism, for example against the effects of a fall, the camera automatically retracts within 0.6 seconds. In addition, the mechanism is splash and dust resistant.

Camera below the screen

The smartphone industry is constantly working on new forms of phones and the expansion of the screen ratio in relation to the entire housing. OPPO has been developing the technology of placing the camera under the phone’s display (USC) since 2018. Now the brand has presented its next generation.

OPPO USC distinguishes by:

  • Proprietary AI image algorithms: OPPO is constantly working on the AI ​​diffraction reduction algorithm using tens of thousands of photos. This allows for accurate modeling of diffraction and the application of compensation to the images.
  • Innovative pixel geometry: the new solution reduces the size of each pixel without reducing their number per inch to ensure a high display quality of 400 PPI, even in the area where the camera is placed.
  • Better control of screen accuracy, color and brightness : OPPO has introduced a proprietary solution that uses its own screen technology, where each pixel area only supports one pixel (“1-to-1”). Combined with OPPO’s precise algorithmic compensation technology, this allows you to precisely control the brightness of the entire screen with a deviation of around 2%.

OPPO Digital Human, or virtual figures of the future

Currently, it is more and more common for digital characters to get their own personality and, depending on the environment, adopt the appropriate attitude, e.g. they are more professional at work or gentle with children. That is why OPPO created the Digital Human system.

OPPO Digital Human is OPPO’s technology to create hyper-realistic virtual characters that can speak, move and interact like a real person. By integrating AI capabilities such as semantic recognition, feature recognition, voice synthesis, lip sync and dynamic sensations, OPPO Digital Human can duplicate up to 30 different types of facial patterns and facial expressions, making the interaction with the user more realistic.

Apart from the fact that the software has the ability to communicate with the user through sound and express emotions, OPPO Digital Human can also emulate real people. Based on the recognition of human behavior, it can act like a virtual fitness trainer, and also take over various tasks in the future, e.g. an online broadcaster or a customer service employee.

OPPO CybeReal 2.0 virtual world

AR technology is increasingly present on the screens of our devices. We experience it, for example, when buying or training online. More and more often we live at the border of the physical and virtual world, but in order to use these opportunities effectively, appropriate applications must be developed.