What Is Buy Blue Meanies Really All about?

I forgot to bring over my spring of time okay so Buy blue meanies that’s that’s cooking up the reason I’m also putting this onion and garlic in.

Tablespoon of my plant butter in there and this is already melting and sizzling I’m gonna drop my onion in there .

There is because it infuses the flavor all the way through our polenta um you know when you cook things like this unless you season them they’re kind of blah and i like to build layers of flavor and

I’ve shared with you all i like to do that because in building layers of flavor Buy blue meanies .

  • The less need you have for salt this is sizzling beautifully now I’m just gonna got my garlic go straight in there this is browning beautifully
  • already smelled wonderful  okay now I’m going to take my cornmeal i have a cup of cornmeal just mixing .

That in butter and onions kind of toasting the cornmeal

  • a bit actually is what this is doing coating the cornmeal with some of that butter and the onion and the garlic okay to this we are adding low sodium vegetable broth three cups of .
  • That and a cup of plant-based half and half okay i’m not using creamer i’m using half and half if you use creamer
  • they tend to have sweetness to it you don’t want that okay so that’s toasted probably can go just a little while longer on this you
  • Should start to smell you can smell the toasted corn that’s when you know that you’re ready to go to
  • the next level you know there are dishes on .

The continent that you actually eat it just like this um not this particular thing but a cassava brown cassava called gary in Ghana so .

While we’re adding liquid to this there are people that eat grains like this finely brown grains just like this toasted okay so now i’m

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