Where Go For The Best Mushrooms

Everyone knows this expression: “Mushrooms went.” As if they had not been able to walk before and now they have learned. This means that this is actually just the beginning of the mushroom season.

As everyone knows, usually the first mushrooms appear … on the market, as if the main mycelium is located there. And although no mushrooms have yet been seen on the shelves of our markets, there has already been a rumor that the first chanterelles appeared in the forests of Ida-Virumaa, and there was a publication in the press about the discovery of the first mushroom.

But, as you know, “it is better to see once than hear a hundred times.” And it’s very easy to see if this mushroom procession has really begun – we have forests near the city, and there are enough forest parks in the city.

And what is happening today in the nearby forests?

Here is the first boletus of the so-called “spikelets“: this is the name of the first mushrooms that appear in the forest before their main season – these are such “pioneers” that the mycelium seems to send for reconnaissance to find out how the situation is on the surface, isn’t it time already starting to bear fruit.

There are up to forty species of boletus, but they are all very similar. And one of the most common is the common boletus – a well-known good edible mushroom.

And these are no longer scouts: summer mushrooms turned out to have long crawled out on many stumps – some families even managed to ripen and turn black. Summer mushrooms are one of the most delicious mushrooms, in my opinion the most fragrant of our common mushrooms. What else they are good for is that they will delight mushroom pickers with their harvest until autumn. But they have one drawback, as well as many other edible Twitter mushrooms – they have similar poisonous counterparts.

Summer mushrooms , in the foreground is a flower of round-leaved wintergreen – a medicinal plant – it blooms massively today everywhere on the edges of forest paths.

Another representative of stump lovers – deer whips – an edible mushroom, although inferior in taste and fertility to our main commercial mushrooms.
Not only I liked the whip: how conveniently the caterpillar of the moth butterfly settled on it – at this time, if you look closely, there are a lot of these little butterflies everywhere in the forest, they sit in the grass, pretending to be leaves, and it is not easy to notice them. I managed to photograph five different species in a short walk. Here, as an example, is one instance of an inconspicuous beauty – elm moth.

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