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A Keeper Recipe Lontong and Kuah lodeh

I learned the recipe from Puan Yati, the same friend as the chicken soto recipe HERE in 1990. I do remember because at that time, I was pregnant with my second child when I went with some other colleagues to their house for lunch budda bomb.

He is really good at cooking, especially Johor cuisine because he is from Johor. My friend learned laksa Johor and nasi beriyani gam but I was not interested in learning this recipe at that time.

Since then, I often cook kuah lodeh using this recipe for open house parties at my house or for our holiday meals.

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I also tried other kuah lodeh recipes but I prefer this recipe. The recipe is very easy but it tastes very good. So it is a keeper recipe for my lodeh gravy until when.

I just vary the ingredients and vegetables used. The basic ingredients of the recipe are the same. To me, this recipe will remain forever as the main recipe I use for mud gravy.

This time I paired it with sambal kacang which is also Puan Yati’s original recipe. Apart from sambal kacang, it can also be eaten with sambal sotong kembang HERE or sambal kacang HERE. Everything is delicious.

Let’s serve the recipe and how to prepare it below. Good luck.

¼ cabbage seeds
¼ sengkuang seeds – cut long – not located
1 carrot stick – cut into lengths
6 long bean stalks
2 long eggplant seeds
1 seed potato – cut into 8 – not located
2 pieces of fucuk – soak and cut into small pieces – do not place
1 tie soo hoon – soak and cut into small pieces – not located
1 piece of tempeh – cut into large cubes and fry
2 pieces of tofu – cut into small pieces and fry
2 red chillies – sliced
2 lemongrass stalks – tap
1 cup live shrimp
600 ml of concentrated fresh coconut milk
100 ml coconut milk box
½ tablespoon of salt
½ tablespoon of turmeric powder


8 onions
1 inch of live turmeric
2 tablespoons dried shrimp – soak and toss

Way way:

Cook the minced ingredients and lemongrass with water until boiling so that the minced ingredients are fully cooked.

Add 1 liter of water or enough to the pan and let it boil again.

Add all the hard ingredients and vegetables until the vegetables are soft.

Add coconut milk and stir well so that it does not clump. Add the shrimp and a little turmeric powder to beautify the color. Note: You can add water if the gravy is too thick or add coconut milk box, if it is too thin to buy shrooms online.

Finally add the red chillies, tofu and fried tempeh. Add salt and adjust the taste and concentration. Continue to stir the broth after a few minutes the fire is turned off.

Sambal Kacang
50 grams of peanuts – fried without oil
2 tablespoons ground chilli
2 tablespoons sugar
1/4 tablespoon salt
4-5 tablespoons of oil

Heat the oil and sauté the chillies until they are completely cooked and the oil rises. Add water and sauté again and again so that it is completely cooked. Add sugar and salt to taste. Finally, add the pounded peanuts.

Tips to make lontong durable and not easily stale are as follows:

1. Cook in the Morning

According to the chef, don’t cook kuah lodeh at night, instead cook it at dawn or in the morning. How to prepare is simple and does not require a long time. All you have to do is chop all the vegetables at night. This helps speed up the cooking process the next day.

2. Boil Vegetables Only

To ensure that the lodeh gravy can last a long time, all you can do is just boil water with ground ingredients such as onions, rice chillies, live turmeric, dried shrimp and other ingredients only without coconut milk. Make this stock, boil and season to taste.

3. Let simmer for a long time

When the broth boils, let it simmer for a while before adding all the other vegetables. This is to ensure that the ingredients are cooked correctly. Then add all the other ingredients such as tempeh, long beans, potatoes, carrots, tofu, eggplant, dried tofu, cabbage and so on according to your taste.

4. Separate the coconut milk

Once the guests arrive, re -boil the ground stock ingredients together with a little coconut milk that has been separated in a separate pot. Cook all these ingredients according to the number of guests coming. Taste enough and it can be served. This way not only does it not go stale quickly but it tastes fresher to be served to guests.

5. Sambal & Kuah Kacang

Sambal and kacang kuah can be cooked on Eid night because it does not use coconut milk and does not spoil quickly. However, you can saute the sambal for longer so that the chili is tastier and more durable. Make sure the sambal and peanut gravy are complete enough to taste.