What Alberto Savoia Can Teach You About Father’s Day Gifts

That’s item number one Father’s Day Gifts . now even if your dad is not a tech lover this works too you know what if .

This is to if you have you know some data it’s not that kind of sensitive right more like an action get the national treasure one and to those .

  • A good one yes in case you know you get an alternative .
  • There I’m surprised this one is more expensive than this one yeah I don’t know I think this one the dice home is more Universal.
  • I would say more people will like this the national treasure .
  • I think it’s just the comedy right no matter of course that’s that’s maturity I’m just saying that .
  • There’s some art cases that you know they might not like yeah the lovely up a movie yeah that’s true but father said you want to have the lovey-dovey effect right but there’s different kind of father and different kind of fathers hey so yeah yeah but comedy comedy it’s not lovey dove because that

Would be a different category but this is comedy right comedy works with everything and there’s some macho action  especially in daddy’s home – right because the father’s at the father is like a superstar he’s macho right so there’s that – and there’s some actions there’s some beating up right when they try to set the Christmas tree and they get all beat up it’s its hottest I don’t know I would say yes.

Yeah your dad is an action-packed guy likes movies like rush hour Jackie Chan or some lethal weapon or whatever right that works too so obviously spend time with her with your father and he’s doing a movie together .

I think it’s great the nice thing about pg- movies that you can sit with the whole family and just you we have a small kid while daddy’s home is actually perfect no way not do

  • They have the foul language is there no speeches  so it’s pretty guidance for ages under  right so I don’t know one check item where – what are these weird discs here what is this year I mean you picked this yeah that’s my idea this is.
  • The new Microsoft Surface each bucks it’s just like the Apple one but this is by Microsoft and it’s very different then that’s services that’s over you see exactly like .
  • A touch control oh so they have to couple text gesture that you do excuse keeps on to pick up.
  • A phone call or value or up and that’s one thing that this they can do while Apple cannot so you know Microsoft had brother all linked together so Microsoft Office has PowerPoint you know the – presentations so this ear when